About Us

NBCLC, as a National centre, has a unique quality of gathering all people under its roof as one family. People belong to different rites of Catholic Church, different denominations, religions and cultures, Priests, Religious, Laity, young and parents take part in the activities of NBCLC. Opening its eyes to the Signs of Times, NBCLC conducts seminars, retreats, workshops, one day, one week and one month programme to fulfil the needs of our people and of Church.

Along with its original focus on Bible, Cataechetics and Liturgy, NBCLC now broadens its areas on social, leadership, spiritual aspects and religious life. Thus this centre is vibrant to make our Church in India energetic and significant at the guidance of CBCI (Catholic Bishops' Conference of India). NBCLC provides opportunities to interact with different persons and create a healthy relationship among the participants.