2021 Courses

Jan 04-06 (Mon-Wed)
Inter-Novitiate Programme
Jan 08-14 (Fri-Thu)
Laity Seminar: "Lay Leaders to the Fore"
Laity Tamil
Jan 25-26 (Mon-Tue)
Ecumenical Meet: “Oneness We Celebrate”
Open to all
Feb 13-14 (Sat-Sun)
Couples Seminar: “Bonded in Love”
Married Couples
Feb 17 (Wed)
Ash Wednesday – “Pray and Fast”
Open to All
Feb 20-21 (Sat-Sun)
Inter-religious Meet
Open to All
Feb 23-26(Tue-Fri)
Catechetical Programme for Laity
Laity in Hindi
Mar 07-10 (Sun-Wed)
Seminar: “Religious & Family”
Apr 13-17(Tue-Sat)
Seminar on Midlife: “New Time to Embrace”
Open to All
Apr 26-May 08 (Mon-Sat)
Two Week Course: “Young Religious, Go Forward”
Junior Religious
May 09-15 (Sun-Sat)
Laity Seminar: “Lay Leaders to the Fore”
Laity Tamil
May 12-19 (Wed-Wed)
Catechetical Course: “Mission to Proclaim”
Open to All
May 15-19 (Sat-Wed)
Laity Seminar: “Lay Leaders to the Fore”
Laity Kannada
Jul 10-17(Sat-Sat)
Seminar: “Religious Leadership” (Batch 1)
Religious Superiors & Formators
Jul 19-26 (Mon-Mon)
Counselling Skills: “Theory and Practice”
Religious Superiors & Formators
Jul 28-Aug 04 (Wed-Wed)
Seminar: “Religious Leadership” & (Batch II)
Religious Superiors & Formators
Aug 09-12 (Mon-Thu)
Laity Seminar: “Lay Leaders to the Force”
Laity Hindi (Odisha)
Aug 18-24 (Mon-Thu)
Laity Seminar: “Lay Leaders to the Force”
Laity Malayalam
Aug 30 - Sep 25 (Mon-Thu)
Intensive Bible Course: “Walking with the Word”
Open to All
Sep 24-26 (Fri-Sat)
Research Seminar on Biblical Orientation
Oct 03-09 (Sun-Sat)
Mission Retreat
Religious & Priests
Oct 011-06 (Mon-Sat)
Retreat-cum-seminar on “Eco-Spiritually”
Open to All
Nov 01-09 (Mon-Tue)
“Lay Leaders to the Fore”
Laity Seminar
Nov 20-27 (Sun-Sat)
Indian Contemplative Retreat
Open all Retreat

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